Finding Fish

A Play In-progress
by Carlyle Brown

Finding Fish is a commission for Stage Force Theatre in Kittery Point, Maine for a play about the sustainability wars between fishermen, scientists and government regulators in the Gulf of Maine fisheries.  I was asked to write this play not only because the artistic director, a longtime colleague, was confident in my abilities to translate research into compelling theater, but also because I had spent my formative years as a young sailor piloting ships in the Gulf of Maine, and although I was never a fisherman, I witnessed the savage depletion of the fisheries first hand.  Therefore my interest and connection to the material is deeply personal.

Part myth, part futuristic science fiction, a cautionary tale, Finding Fish will first premier at Stage Force in Maine and the participants in this particular sustainability war will undoubtedly be in the audience and therefore the play from the beginning was tacitly charged with being a forum where they could talk to each other.  My attempt to resolve these problems resides in a recently completed first draft.  As the play’s development progresses we will be experimenting with video design that gives emphasis to nature and weather as among the central characters.

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