Acting Black Hatchfund Campaign Announced

Dear Friends,

In my past solo works such as Sea Never Dry, the story of a sailor alone in a small boat on a foggy day on a stormy sea and his dialogue with the wind; The Fula From America: An African Journey, an autobiographical story about my journey to West Africa searching for an African identity in 1981 only to discover how American I am, and Therapy and Resistance a story of the Viet Nam War draft resistance movement and the attempts of one draftee to gain a deferment as a manic-depressive schizophrenic with paranoid tendencies; I always performed in the context of a story with a strong narrative underneath me. There was always a journey to be taken and I played myself, the central character and the various people I encounter along the way. With the session of each work I make a conscious effort to strip the performance down to its barest essentials and focus on the immediateness and intimacy of the relationship between performer and audience. With Acting Black there is no narrative or journey for me to hide behind, no character to portray, only thoughts, ideas, a body and a voice.

Part spoken word, part stand-up comedy, part Ted Talk complete with PowerPoint presentation and inspired by the styles and traditions of the likes of Richard Pryor, George Carlin, and the outrageous Lord Buckley, Acting Black riffs on the roots of American racism and its consequences for all of us. You will laugh out loud while being hit where you live, in the gut. Acting Black explores the appropriation of the African American narrative through performance and traces the birth of its’ beginning from a single individual on a specific night in Louisville, Kentucky in 1828, to the racial conflicts we still endure to this day.

Acting Black will be performed at the beautiful Southern Theater in the four corners area in downtown Minneapolis for two performances June 1st and 8th, directed by Noel Raymond with lighting design by Mike Wangen. The process is underway. I need your support.

The minimum USA crowdfunding goal of $3,500 will go to compensating participating artists for their time and their talents. The maximum goal of $5,000 will allow us to create the power-point image projections at the quality we desire. Please join the adventure. Make a donation now.

Thank you so much for your support,