Noël Raymond

Noël Raymond is co-artistic director of Pillsbury House + Theatre. She is leading the transformation of Pillsbury House, a 130-year-old community center, and Pillsbury House Theatre, a 21-year-old professional theater, into a one-of-a-kind, arts-integrated social service center providing more than 15,000 people a year with affordable day care, after-school programming and more while also offering high-quality professional theater that strengthens community cohesion and inspires connections and change.

Noël helped found the Burning House Group Theatre Company in 1993 and is a proud core member of Carlyle Brown and Company.  A member of Actors Equity, she has taught acting and theater movement and has performed with Pillsbury House Theatre, Park Square Theatre, the Burning House Group, the Guthrie Theater and Penumbra Theatre as well as the Hangar Theatre in New York.  Noël’s directing credits include The Pride, No Child…, Underneath the Lintel, An Almost Holy Picture, Far Away, Angels in America:  Parts I and II, and [sic] at Pillsbury House Theatre; Are You Now… and Therapy and Resistance for Carlyle Brown and Company; From Shadows to Light at Theatre Mu; The BI Show with MaMa mOsAiC; and multiple staged readings and workshops through the Playwrights’ Center.

Noël is a past board chair of the Multicultural Development Center and was a founding member of the South Minneapolis Arts Business Association (SMARTS).  She is currently vice chair of the Minneapolis Arts Commission and last year co-authored a case study of Pillsbury House + Theatre for the book Building Communities, Not Audiences.